Pillars of Life – Calmness

Calmness accompanies patience;

It is the peaceful haven for emancipated souls after long wanderings on the tempest-driven ocean of passion. It marks the man who has suffered much, endured much, experienced much, and finally….has conquered.

A man cannot be impartial who is not calm;

Excitement, prejudice, and partiality spring from agitated emotions and disturbed passions. When one’s personal feeling is thwarted, it rises and seethes like a stream of water that is dammed. The calm man avoids this disturbance by directing his feelings from the personal to the impersonal channel.

The calm man;

thinks and feels for others just as he thinks and feels for himself. He sets the same value on other men’s opinions as he does on his own. If he regards his own work as important, he sees also the the work of other men as equally important. He does not contend for the merit of his own against the demerit of another. He is not selfish; he is not overthrown with a sense of self-importance.

On the contrary; 

he has put aside egotism for truth, and he perceives the right relations of people and things around him. He has conquered irritability, and has come to see that nothing in and of itself should cause irritation.

The calm and impartial man;

is not only the happiest of men, but he also understands with ever increasing accuracy the powers that are at his command. He is sure; deliberate; and he swiftly and easily accomplishes in silence what the irritable man slowly and laboriously toils and travails through with much noise.

His mind is purified;

poised, concentrated, and is ready at any given moment to be directed upon a given work with unerring power. In the mind of the calm man all passions are tranquillized, all conflicts are harmonized, all contradictions are reconcilied, and there is a radiant gladness and perceptual peace about him. He is free.

As Emerson once said, 

“calmness is joy that is fixed and habitual.”

Self-control is better than riches, and calmness is a perpetual benediction to the soul.



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