#10 Temporary Defeat

Proverbs for Prosperity

by Joe Colling



The person who sets out to achieve his or her purposes will at one time or another, experience failure. If you examine two people with the same goal; one achieves and one fails. Why?

Of the two examples, when the first person fails, he or she refuses to give up despite his or her current circumstances. Only the one with a burning desire to achieve will use failure as another pathway to attainment. And, with renewed thought, inspiration, purpose, and perseverance- he or she ultimately succeeds. In contrast, the second example when faced with failure allows his or her mind to sink into a sad state of doubt, fear, and self-pity but meditating on failure and loss; thus losing sight of his or her purpose can only, in the end, reap the sad reality of poverty-ridden circumstances that derive from dwelling in and acting out negative, demoralizing thoughts.

Every person who has for any length of time practiced self-control of his or her own mind understands and knows that all action is born from thought, thus action cannot occur without a thought. Recall the first of the two examples mentioned above. The first person mentioned succeeds by refusing to give up. He or she possesses a distinct mental power not found among the great majority called Optimism.

What is Optimism?

One definition for the word Optimism reads,

A tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation

This is how you beat temporary defeat.

Optimism is choosing to see the very best in every person, place, thing, and/or idea. Modern society is blown about by negative emotions and opinions of all kinds. Optimism is like a shade-giving tree in a thirsty land; it heals, renews, and recharges one’s purpose and inspiration thus making ready for beneficial action which can only result in success. 

The lesson in this post is a simple one.

Let temporary defeat remain temporary. Read and memorize for your own benefit, the Proverbs for Prosperity quote, below.



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I hope you were encouraged to keep pursuant your goals. With only one chance in life to achieve your best, now is the time for intelligent action! You are filled with purpose- Don’t give up.

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