A Passing Angel

Have you ever developed feelings for a stranger?

This little piece of literature comes from my heart. Please comment about how it makes you feel. Thank you for reading. 


A Passing Angel – by Joe Colling

Is it strange to fall in love with a stranger?

Is it strange to think about a person you’ve never spent time with?

Is it strange for me to feel happy at the sight of her smile that will one day disappear from mine eyes forever?

Is it strange for me to see her week after week at the sandwich shop, only to mask my true feelings, afraid of what could become;

The possibility of acceptance; rejection; leaving me numb.

Afterall, I am the customer; she is the cashier; If I, a stranger were to speak my heart to her, will it make to her my future visits seem weird? 

Like walking towards a closing door, I see her and speak to her for only a moment, and then no more;

The open door closes and I am left standing outside; alone in the dark; colorless.

Without her knowing, she is continually on my mind; So beautiful and yet so kind.

And yet, I will never know her love; unattainable.

Thus, a hurting happiness endures inside me at the sight of her over and again; unexplainable.

Even so, I will daily continue to endure the presence of a passing angel again and again;

A passing angel named Jen.

Thank you for reading this poem. You can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter anytime.




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