#7- Opportunity

Proverbs for Prosperity

by Joe Colling

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When opportunity knocks,

answer the door! Those who choose to wait when a golden opportunity presents itself will surely suffer a lost opportunity, thus resulting in feelings of regret, and even a loss of confidence going forward. Procrastination will sap your creative energy if you do not extricate it from your thoughts, and remind yourself of your purpose.

Read aloud to yourself the Proverb for Prosperity quote below:


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Where does procrastination come from? 

Don’t overthink it– procrastination comes as a result of overthinking a potential opportunity be it a financial opportunity or otherwise. Overthinking anything in life will, as sure as the sun meets its zenith and the moon its full, lead you into a mental state of confusion and indecision; both are equally unnatural indications that the given person has allowed doubt and fear to creep in. Doubt and fear are “confidence killers”. No intelligent accomplishment has ever come from doubt and/or fear– and never can. Procrastination is a mental wall (of confusion) that will stop your confidence and inspiration, leaving it dead in its tracks.

On the other hand, consistently perfecting your personal talents and professional craft from day to day, as well keeping a bright, sunny, joyful disposition toward yourself and every creature will empower you to make decisions you can rest in, and be sure of- and not procrastinate at the first sight of an opportunity as does the great majority.


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Thank you for reading. I hope you were encouraged by this Proverb for Prosperity. Continue cultivating towards perfection by practicing your chosen craft, and by doing so you will cause procrastination to take a backseat, where it belongs!

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