#3 – Riches and Poverty

Proverbs for Prosperity

by Joe Colling

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Only cheaters win?

The common perspective by the great majority (of people) concerning the attainment of riches believe, “if you have riches, then you’ve must’ve done something unethical or underhanded to get it” or “Rich people break the law all the time.”

In light of a deeper knowledge,

the majority of people who believe this way and say these types of things are people who do not consider the troubles, trials, and personal sacrifices that these individuals have voluntarily made in order to gain the wealth they have. The great majority of people do not see the process, only the result; and call it “chance”. They do not see the struggles; only the end result, and call it “luck”.

Take Control.

When a person chooses to ignore setting for him or herself goals, he or she is like a wave of the sea blown and tossed about by the tempestuous winds of life circumstances, and they consistently fall prey to the same petty worries and anxieties.

Meditate on thoughts of wealth and success by conditioning your mind with the following Proverb for Prosperity below.

#3- Riches and Poverty

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