Pillars of Life- Wisdom

Pillars of Life

by Joe Colling

Proverbs of Life - Wisdom

Wisdom is present all the time.

Whether that person senses wisdom when it reveals itself, is dependent on their inner state; their thoughts. The mind is like a mirror and will reflect, into your life in the form of circumstances, whatever it is focused on be it base or beautiful. From the heights of one’s cherished aspirations to the depths of one’s unchastened, most base desires – Wisdom is always revealing and being revealed around us.

It calls aloud in the streets.

Wisdom is revealed knowledge and not something gained like academia. Wisdom is secret knowledge revealed to a person, thus is cannot be learned; only realized. This is because there are so many variations that make up individual human circumstances, to compare one with another would prove futile. Every person is shown wisdom at differing times in their individual life that is pertinent to their life; never another’s.

When Wisdom touches a person,

he/she is lifted up and transfigured. He/she becomes a new being that has never existed before; has new aims and mental powers. He/she inhabits a new universe of thought in which to accomplish a new and glorious destiny. Wisdom guides a person. A wise person adapts him/herself to others and acts for their good, yet never violates the moral virtues or the principles of right conduct. Wisdom is always upright.

The foolish

cannot adapt him/herself to others because he/she acts for him/herself only, thus continually violating the moral virtues of right conduct. The understanding mind needs no external support. It stands alone; it is free because it stands on the firm ground of knowledge; not academia, but Wisdom which is realization through life experience; revealed knowledge from the creator. It moves through all minds and knows them. It has traveled with all spirits and knows their journeyings in joy and sorrow.


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