Pillars Of Life – Kindness

I believe true success amounts to much more than only money. True success to me is a set of inner values that in turn produces positive circumstances in one’s life. Today, I give you;

Pillars Of Life – Kindness

Kindness; is not a passing impulse, but a permanent inner quality.

Kindness is not an intermittent or unreliable impulse towards another, yet it tends to be considered so.

There is no true kindness in praise if it is followed by abuse.

Kindness, which seems to prompt the spontaneous kiss will be of little account if it is followed by spontaneous spite.

Feelings that are aroused to do a kind act towards another by some external stimulus pleasing to oneself, and shortly afterwards to be swayed to the opposite extreme towards the same person by a mere external event or sudden impulse unpleasing to oneself, is nothing more than weakness of character.

True kindness is unchangeable and needs no external stimulus to force it into action.

True kindness of the spirit is like a well of fresh water from which thirsty souls can drink; it never runs dry.

Kindness is not only bestowed upon those who please us; but also for those who are contrary to us.

Kindness is akin to love; it embraces both oppressor and oppressed. It shows itself warm and genial towards all.

Kindness is one of the many fruits of divine perfection; there is no law against true kindness because true kindness lifts up the human spirit; high above the animal impulses of the human nature. 

In true kindness, there is true love; and there is no law against love.

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