Pillars of Life – Sympathy

Judgment whether from a loved one or a stranger condemns. It never makes anyone a better person. Therefore, I give you Pillars of Life. This first pillar is rightly entitled “Sympathy“. My hope is that you will read this and by reading be able to muster the mental power needed to become free from the mental influence of others; that you will begin to think for yourself noble thoughts and high ideals. Remember, you become what you think about. Let yourself become free from people.

Enjoy this Pillar of Life and thank you for reading.

Pillars of Life


By: Joe Colling

The sympathetic mind is the profoundly perceiving mind. We understand by experience, not by argument. Before we can know another being or thing, our life must come in contact with it, we must touch his/her life. Argument analyzes the outer. Sympathy reaches to the inner.

The cynic sees the hat and coat and believes he sees the man. The sympathetic seer sees the man and is not concerned with the hat and coat. In all kinds of hatred, there is separation by which each misjudges the other. In all kinds of love, there is a mystic union by which each knows the other far beyond the five senses.

We become seers as we become sympathizers. The more we sympathize with others, the less we judge others. Judgement is a disintegrating element to which humanity remains bound in and of itself. Therefore, sympathy is one of the many crown jewels of life, success and personal inner freedom. The sympathetic spirit does not judge and therefore is not condemned when judged – he is free. 


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