Arise, O’ Morning.

Arise, O’ Morning – by Joe Colling.

Awaken. Arise.

Like the sun, come out from behind the clouds, and shine;

Life must be lived; A city on a hill cannot be hidden; Arise;

Your morning is here; Arise!


It is a beautiful day, and if it not beautiful for you, then I implore you to lift up your thoughts and create the beauty that will become your day!

By way of your thoughts, you possess the weapons by which you will destroy yourself. You also possess the tools of thought by which you have the power to create for yourself mansions of heavenly bliss and beauty. Take up your thoughts and exercise them toward fruitful issues; the choice is yours.

TODAY IS YOUR DAY – Now go create it!

And by the way – Good morning!


Thank you for reading. I have prepared a FREE download link via dropbox to the image for this poem. Featuring full 1080hd, you can awake to a beautiful desktop image of this poem every morning! Enjoy, and thank you for visiting

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